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King Customer Service: our game rules

Lost the game rules? Missing a part?
It’s unfortunate if such a thing spoils your game pleasure and we would like to solve this. Send us an email with your details, product name, article number (this is on the side of the box), plus a clear description of the problem. If you purchased a new game and are missing a part of this, we will need your receipt in connection with the warranty. You do not have a proof of purchase? In this case, there are costs for the replacement parts and postage for sending.

Missing a piece of a puzzle?
Unfortunately we have to inform you that we don’t give any guarantee on King puzzles. The best option is to go back to the store where you have bought the puzzle. Consumer complaints will be handled via your point of purchase.

Why can’t we send separate puzzle pieces?
Puzzles are printed as a total plate. Per print there can be color defects even today with our modern printing machines. In addition, it works with unique punch blades, which can cause slight cutouts. This makes the puzzle pieces not interchangeable with pieces from other production ranges.

Our customer service cannot be reached by phone.

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